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Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android

Best Music Player Apps

You listen to a lot of music, right? But it’s still hard for you to find out the best music player according to you. If we dig deep into the Play Store we tend to see a lot of apps there. Everyone of them claiming to be great. But it’s still a big confusion on which one to download. We don’t want you to lose your precious data on some worthless dumb apps, so here we’ve created this list of 5 best music player apps to help you find the music player for your precious music collection. Let’s take a look.

Poweramp Music Player

1. PowerAmp

PowerAmp is one of the best music players available right now. It’s the favorite to most of the Android enthusiasts. It gets a tons of features packed in. In case if you’re a lot serious about your music then you must try out PowerAmp for sure. If you like it, go ahead and purchase the pro version after 15 days of trial.

It is not a visually pleasing music player but gets it own retouch with some amazing music tuning capabilities. It supports way more files than any other music players as well. If you want to have a great control on your music then this is it to consider.

DoubleTwist Music Player

2. DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist music player comes with music playing capabilities as well as in built podcast streaming as well. It is a visually pleasing music player which is too good to look. The user interface is very easy to and does pretty good job with animations as well. The dark theme is always easy on eyes and doesn’t make you feel stressful.

DoubleTwist is actually a free app which comes with a few in-app purchases if you want to go pro. The pro mode enables AirSync, Chromecast/Air/DLNA support, album arts, 10 band equalizer and many others. It’s a great competition to PowerAmp at its own and thus you might try to take a look at it.

Blackplayer Music Player

3. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer is actually the best one to be honest. It is the music player that supports all the major file formats. It got some great built-in visualizer, 3D surround sound and much more. It actually looks great and whatsoever as per the name suggests, it is indeed black themed player. Another interesting thing is that it actually supports lyrics which is great. Moreover that, it comes with customizable UI.

Similar to the other players in the list, this also comes with the a parts version of the app to access more features. But without even that, it’s still pretty darn good. You must check it out for sure.

Phonograph Music Player

4. Phonograph

If you love Material Design to your peaks, then we would suggest you to get the Phonograph Music Player. It is very user friendly since Material Design focuses on easy to use principles. Apart from that, it comes with integration at the same time. There are very little small tweaks which are pretty good as well.

So if you don’t want those big and confusing players then here a simple and best alternative for that and moreover that, it’s totally free.

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Pulsar Music Player

5. Pulsar

This is another great Material Design focused music player as well. But apart from that, we get integration here as well just like Phonograph and also have some equalizer options. And with a great feature called scrobbling it is pretty good. In case if you don’t know what scrobbling means then let us tell you that it actually tracks your songs and how many times you listened them, etc. statistics and provides you very good recommendations based on that. There’s only one thing that’s not good here which is in-app purchases for some good features like equalizer.

What’s you favourite music player for Android, and which features do you find most important? Tell us in the comments below!

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