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Skin4gadgets Launched its new Tempered Glass Screen Protector with High-End Protection

Skin4Gadgets LogoSkin4Gadgets, a fast rising Mumbai based E-commerce startup, which has a wide range of Laptop skins, Mobile skins, Mobile cases and many other customized items had been focusing on making your gadgets more exotic and stylish. But they have come up with Tempered glass Screen Protector which adds to the safety of devices as well.

Smartphone buyers spend a good amount of fortune on their devices. Any damages like scratches, dents or dings on screen are not affordable at all. These scratches and dents make the phone look ugly, disturbs the clarity of the screen. This results in the need to change the touch-pad which is very costly or in the worst case, might would want to replace the device itself. One doesn’t need to fret; screen guards always come to rescue in that case. Two common types of screen guards are available in market: Plastic screen guards or tempered glass screen protectors. Plastic screen guards protect mobile’s screen from all scratches and dents. However they are not strong enough as compared to tempered glass screen protectors.

Tempered glass Screen Protector

These screen protectors are made up of tempered glass to make the screen tougher. People are often in this misconception that if they buy a phone with gorilla glass, they need not buy screen guard. No doubt gorilla glass is very tough and can protect your phone even from a hard drop. Thus, the mobile phones need more protection just in case! Tempered glass would help a phone for that extra protection.

Since tempered glass screen protector from the market dominate and win a lot of consumers! Tempered glass protector as compared to the normal price of the plastic protective film is generally high, but consumer’s buying enthusiasm generally higher. It also provides a new profit point for a lot of businesses. The expenditure of mobile phone maintenance is so high, thus it is important to apply a good screen guard. How to identify good and bad tempered glass screen protector has become a biggest query to consumers while purchasing screen protectors. Introducing the key advantages and disadvantages of several methods to discriminate glass film.

Skin4gadgets tempered glass

  1. Anti-scratch strength:

A good glass film can withstand blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects above the ground scraping. Good tempered glass membrane is difficult to draw in the above obvious scratches. It scratches the glass film which is obviously not very good but at least better than getting scratches on the touch pad.

  1. Smooth feel:

The fingers feel the strokes on film glass, good tempered glass protective film feels that it is a very delicate, smooth feeling, it feels better than a lot of the original cell phone touch screen (bare screen). On the other hand, cheap quality scratch guards come with almost rough glass film, not smooth, sliding on the phone, a kind of sticky feeling.

  1. The size of the fit:

A good glass film would have relatively meticulous cuttings, one can simply hold the film posted up at the mobile phone, find the size and perfect coverage, particularly in some of the holes (photosensitive hole) where there is more reflection and is applied with no bubble. In case of cheap tempered glass, it is noticed that the size of the phone screen is asymmetrical, there are gaps, holes or certainly too large, because of the high technical requirements of the open hole. The manufacturers are slightly careless.

  1. Anti-fingerprint and Anti-oil:

Some people find fingerprints on their phone screen really annoying. Not to forget dripping oil and water spill, in a good quality tempered glass dripping water does not spread up. It is very difficult to use the touch screen and to type something in the glass surface. A good quality tempered glass screen protector would make sure this is not the case.

  1. Shatter-proof:

A good glass screen protector will not shatter when thrown hard on the floor or fallen from certain height. Broken glass will not spread easily and hurt!

Skin4Gadgets tempered glass protective film will come with features like toughness, density, strength. As long as you are brave enough, you can use the bent glass film methods to test the quality of the glass film.

We suggest you that instead of using a cheap screen guard, you should use high-quality tempered glass screen guard. The tempered glass not only protects your smartphone screen from scratches but also protects screen shatter. The pricing of these tempered glass screen protector starts at Rs 299. If you want to buy, you can order from

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